A thought for today


Today’s accomplishments were: actually doing an exercise routine (even if it wasn’t a very challenging one–I need to work on improving it), helping Evan clean out the refrigerator, randomly making banana muffins, and writing a thank-you note to Londie for altering my bridesmaid dress out of the goodness of her heart (she asked for no payment).

I also chatted with some friends on Facebook, which I mention because something I read in a blog post stuck in my head: it’s not always the things that are on our “To-Do” list that are the important accomplishments.

This is the quote from the blog post, ripped out of context:

The very growth that makes us the created ones, created by One much bigger than ourselves. Our very need to grow and make things and learn and get better reflects our need for Him.

But we often disdain the slow for the immediate. We snarl at the tiny group for thousands of ears. We sigh at the “we didn’t do today” list and completely disregard the progress that was made, even if that progress was melting popsicles and belly laughs with our people.

It may have only been a very small part of what she was saying, but it did remind me how the work that God is doing in and through us encompasses a lot more than (and may seem a lot less “productive” than) the things on our to-do list for the day. “Popsicles and belly laughs”, who would count that as something accomplished that day?

In my case, I still can’t escape the nagging feelings that says, “Instead of plopping down on your laptop and getting distracted for an hour or so, you really should have stayed focused and got started on the next thing in your day.” There is no denying that I’m not so great at staying focused and getting things accomplished. I’m grateful that it really is God who works through it all–otherwise, I despair of my ability not just to accomplish things in the day, but even more so, of my ability (that is, lack of ability) to love others instead of being absorbed in myself, and to do the right thing (whatever that may be) instead of staying in what feels like my perpetual slough of inaction and lethargy.

Back to my list of accomplishments for the day – Evan gets major kudos for so often seeing something that needs to be done, and doing it. In this case, it was defrosting the refrigerator. I was in my own world, like usual, and didn’t help with moving all the food out of the fridge, but when he specifically asked if I could help clean it (imagine that, he asked, instead of just feeling grumpy inside that no one was helping, which is what I probably would have done) I was glad to help. Cleaning is one thing I can focus on pretty well when I put my mind to it. He washed the shelves and I did the rest, and once the fridge was spic-and-span, I made banana muffins.

As usual, I have no idea what I will do tomorrow, either. (I know something I need to work on, and there’s a few things I have in mind to do, but I don’t have anything planned out.) It’s always a surprise till the day comes, and I find out what I do. 😛 😉 “Oh, Cadie. I don’t know how you ever get ANYTHING done in a day,” a friend of mine recently said with a laugh.


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